My Journey to Veganism

Progression not perfection

I think it’s safe to say I was the biggest meat and dairy eater ever. I’d always turn up my nose when my dinner lacked ‘protein’ and only had vegetables. My sister had never liked the taste of meat and was a convenient vegetarian and I never understood why she hated it. It was my favourite food. 

I guess my relationship to animal products was quiet normal in regards to social expectations. At the time I saw vegans as queer and people who were burning their bras and smoking weed. Its funny now thinking about how mislead I was. The media have such a large influence on us, particularly through advertising, and it’s absolutely crazy how manipulated we can become. Milk was the best source of calcium and you needed meat for iron and protein. It wasn’t until my sister took the step of becoming a vegan did any thought of the implication of animal agriculture enter my mind.

I must say I had some fun mocking my sister for her ‘vegan phase’. I had no interest in becoming vegan until one day when I heard someone else having a go at her for her choice. This struck a chord because I’m the only person who can insult my sister and it be okay! But I couldn’t stand up for her because I was so uneducated on the topic and it completely contradicted my own stance. I decided to look into it, going in with a complete open mind. It was then I realised how devastating the industry is to both your health, the animals and the environment. Although this didn’t just happen over night, I’ve become more passionate as I continue my vegan journey…

I must admit I was so reluctant to start the diet. I blamed being newly diagnosed as coeliac as a valid reason to not follow through. I had already cut out so much of my diet and couldn’t fathom being so extreme. I decided the only way was to sign up for a 30 day vegan challenge and give it a fair shot. I convinced my mum to join me and we were both prepared to outlast the 30 days. Mum caved in after 3 full days but I kept struggling through. The first 2 weeks of the challenge was so tough! I can’t even explain. I went from being an animal eating lover to an animal lover overnight. The first time I had a gf pizza without meat or cheese was a deal breaker for me. So much so I actually put cheese on it myself. I don’t regret doing it because I felt so guilty about it like I had failed myself but more so I actually considered where the cheese came from. It disgusted me. After battling through the first two weeks, my new diet was becoming normal. I was enjoying my soy lattes and being able to experience the health benefits. My skin cleared up, I had more energy and I was starting to lose weight. 

After ending the challenge I still wasn’t 100% convinced. I tried so many times to create new reasons and excuses as to why I can’t be vegan. Fortunately I couldn’t come up with a reason or excuse that trumped the negative impacts of supporting such vile and devastating industries. So I never went back. And that was it.

So now I’ve been vegan for just over 10 months and I haven’t ever thought about giving up. This diet is a lifestyle and as a result I have repaired my relationship to food, my body, my mind and the earth. Seriously though, food now tastes so much better too!

Smoothie Bowl

I still can’t believe I made this transition, knowing my past self, but I’m so proud I’ve been able to stick with it. It’s not always smooth sailing when people confront you, make fun of you or are just too ignorant to even bother understanding you but the benefits aren’t even comparable to the downfalls.

If you’re interested in making the transition, please do it! It’ll change you for the better!

Be yourself and eat all the plants,

Steph xxx


3 thoughts on “My Journey to Veganism

  1. Great story and accomplishment Steff. I have also masrered it and cannot believe how much better I feel and seeing the improvement in my skin. A great one is a squeezed lemon with water in a glass, it decreases hunger and boy, clears the system. Pop


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