Life As A Coeliac

One thing I had always overlooked was the complications of allergies and their detrimental impacts. Until I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease and was forced to research the implications, I literally had no idea what it was like. 

Since my diagnosis, I’m realising that it’s not just me who is unaware, it’s practically everyone. Not even every cafe and restaurant are well-educated on the topic, which makes eating out a challenge…

This lack of understanding needs to be addressed to better the lives of people with allergies. I guess my way to help is to let you know what my life is like as a coeliac, the challenges I face and what I experience when I get the opportunity to eat gluten. Although I can’t speak for all coeliacs, I’ll try to capture every essence of the disease.

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How to be Vegan and Gluten Free in India – A Survival Guide

India, in my opinion, is one of the most amazing countries in the world. The people are lovely, the culture is rich, the sun is hot and the food is amazing. But being vegan wasn’t as easy as I first thought. Although being a vego was no problem, the presence of butter, cheese and ghee (unpasteurised butter) became extremely difficult to avoid. Boycotting gluten was actually easier than Veganism, to my own surprise, and I didn’t get sick once – woohoo – (rare occasion). 

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

After eating Indian for the past 60 meals (yes, I probably won’t be eating it again anytime soon), I think now I have a better understanding on how to avoid eating animal products and my good friend wheat. So I bring you my take on keeping your values in check by not eating other sentient beings when in India as well as being free from gluten. Enjoy

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My Top 5 Gluten Free and Vegan Eateries in Melbourne

After being diagnosed as coeliac I thought I’d never be able to eat out again. Throwing a Vegan diet into the mix made matters seem worse, thinking I’d only be able to eat lettuce out if I was lucky… and how wrong I was!

Living in Melbourne, the most accommodating city in the world when it comes to fussy buggers like myself, made my lifestyle change feel much easier. So, to help all the GF restricted people and the plant-based individuals out there, or if you’re lucky enough to be doing both, here is a list of my top 5 favourite vegan and gluten-free cafes you’ll find in Melbourne

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