Recipe – Rainbow Bowl of Goodness

There’s nothing better when you eat a meal and feel fully satisfied and light. This rainbow bowl, although packed with a lot of food, does just that. 

A rainbow bowl can be as complex or simplistic as you like and it doesn’t have to take long to make either. It gives you the freedom to put whatever you feel like eating into it and can help you empty out the left over veggies in the fridge. 

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Recipe – Chickpea, Potato and Spinach Curry

This is one of the first meals I made after turning vegan. It’s rich in protein and iron and super hearty. One of the things I really missed, after I was educated on the use of animal products, was a good Indian curry and I honestly wasn’t sure if I could replicate one to my standard. But here it is…

This curry is:

  • warm
  • delicious
  • nourishing
  • and just damn good


vegetable goodness

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Recipe – Cauliflower and Coconut Red Curry


This is probably one of my favourite go to recipes when I’m not sure what to cook. It’s simple and takes me 20-25 minutes to make. It is perfect for left overs and freezes well. I love a good curry and this one is reliable at giving me a fix when I crave it. My sister loves it (she’s super fussy – not really) and hopefully you will too!

This recipe is said to serve 4 but DEFINITELY is not a generous serving size. I will usually make this just for myself and be able to get 2 meals for left overs out of it, maybe three if I’m lucky. 

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